To make music: to make merry - Glay-oh-wee-en
Music Lessons

Vicki and Jonny are both very experienced instrumental teachers and give lessons in the following instruments. Lessons are given locally in the Braintree area, but lessons in your own home can also be negotiated.



£25 per hour lesson, £15 per half hour lesson

Cost based on student coming to my residence, fuel charge applicable if travelling to yours.


DIfferent learning styles can be used, from the straight classical style tuition to the more informal folk/traditional style. Lessons are developed based on the needs of the learner.


VIcki's Music Lessons:

Recorder Descant or Treble
Whistle Standard D suits small fingers for the younger learners
Flute Standard silver Boehm style or wooden 6 hole flute traditional style. To see the wooden style six hole flute in action - click here.
Piano Standard piano
Double Bass Large!
Scottish Smallpipes Quiet pipes, bellows blown. For an example of this sort of bagpipe click here.
English Border Pipes Louder pipes, but queter than highland pipes
Swedish Nyckelharpa The national folk instrument of Sweden, a keyed style fiddle. To see the nyckelharpa in action view this video. For a helping hand on how to hold your nyckelharpa click here!


Jonny's Music Lessons:

Trumpet Classical, jazz or folk
Piano Classical, jazz or folk
Accordion Folk Style
Guitar Standard, DAGDAD or various open tuning styles


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