To make music: to make merry - Glay-oh-wee-en


We've now got our publicity flyers for the nyckelharpa workshop at Halsway Manor - click here!


Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th November 2012 - at Halsway Manor


As one of the UK's leading exponents of the nyckelharpa Vicki is pleased to announce that the first full weekend of nyckelharpa workshops will take at Halsway Manor on the 2nd - 4th November 2012. Some instruments will be available for those wishing to participate but do not own an instrument. If you'd like to use one of these instruments make sure you register early, there aren't many! Come and be part of the first wave of nyckelharpa players in this country.


ceilidh work

June is the month of more ceilidhs. We love ceilidhs! Get your dancing shoes on!

More costume work


The Victorian Jubilee will see us dressing up in Victorian Era clothing and celebrating in stye at Witley Court Gardens. We're really happy to be part of the Blast from the Past team of musicians and it's great to branch out into a new era!


Jonny now has his brand new folk dräkt, so watch out for us in your local IKEA! We make a handsome pair!


Swan's second sunday scandi session at the swan

The Scandi session is coming on nicely! We have a website set up now with lots of different tunes, these tunes are being added to all the time, so keep checking back! The next Scandi Session will be on Sunday 10th June at The Swan in Rayne. Kick off is at 8pm with a learning session at 7pm. The nyckelharpa team will be on hand. More details here.