To make music: to make merry - Glay-oh-wee-en
The Swedish Connection

Vicki & Jonny are able to offer authentic Swedish music for a variety of different events.


Weddings, christenings, midsommar, kräftskivor (crayfish party), Lucia, Julbord or just background music to an event. Previous enagements include the worlds record breaing IKEA kräftskiva (crayfish party) in August 2011.


Vicki has strong links with Sweden and Swedish music through her mother and has Swedish as her first language, so is able to engage audiences in Swedish.


In addition to instrumental music using the Swedish nyckelharpa has lead Vicki is also able to lead snaps visor (drinking songs) and other traditional Swedish songs. Playing for dancing is also available with the option of more nyckelharpa players to augment the sound. Acoustic or P.A. Available as a trio or quartet all in authentic national costume.




Meet the instruments:



The earliest statue of a nyckelharpas date from 1326 and the earliest instrument in existence is dated 1526.



The Cowhorn was used by the Vikings for communication. The earliest surviving instrument dates from around 850. Meet the kohorn.



The säljflöjt, or willow flute, was an old shepherds instrument made in the spring that only lasted a few weeks whilst the sap was rising in the willow tree.


... and of course songs.